I'm so pissed I forgot my camera, yet again.

I'm so pissed I forgot my camera, yet again.

I had lunch here today since I work in the area. Tom Colicchio of “Top Chef” fame owns the chain and I, having watched a few seasons of the show, was eager to check it out. Here are my brief, uneducated thoughts.

The restaurant is gorgeous. Great light fixtures. A lot of elbow room. Polite, attentive waiters.

I ordered the Suzuki with pineapple because it just sounded great. Suzuki is like a Sea Bass from Australia. It was good, not amazing. Kind of on the small size. The texture was perfect, I even ate the perfectly cooked skin, which I usually peel off immediately, as the skin seems to hold the fishiest flavors. The best part of it were the pineapple chunks and sauce.

I ordered a bland salad. Wild Maiche with cherries. It sounded incredible. Barely any dressing. Perhaps there wasn’t any. Maybe someone sneezed on the salad before serving it to me. Hmm, did I piss anyone off here??

My friend’s beet salad was great. Beet salads are a staple at pretentious Los Angeles restaurants. I love them regardless. This one had a variety of whole beets of every color. If you think you hate beets, try an overpriced beet salad. They’re not your usual canned beets. And if they are, there’s usually a shit load of blue cheese and nuts sprinkled on top to make up for it. (Not in this case, but the beets were still damn good.)

The main courses do not come with any sides, those must be ordered separately. My friend ordered the ravioli’s. I am still baffled how she grew full off the TWO ravioli’s that came on her butter dish sized plate. They were tasty though. However, I would have had to take out a small bank loan in order to afford enough to satisfy.

All in all, this is an aesthetically pleasing restaurant for CAA talent agents to entertain their anorexic clientele.

10100 Constellation BLVD
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 279-4180