Here’s my thing with sushi. I really enjoy the act of going out for sushi. I love sake and Sapporo and the bland drum and base music in the background, creating a relaxed atmosphere while you try to see if the place has a Koi pond. I “like” sushi. It’s not something I crave very often. It’s something I eat for the health benefits.

And what’s worse….I only eat one or two things…the obligatory spicy tuna roll and any tuna or salmon tempura crap. Oh, and I’ll have the edamame but they kind of creep me out. It’s like I’m gnawing on fried caterpillars. The kind that used to fall out of the trees, narrowly missing my head, as a child.

I’ve been to Asakuma before at the bequest of my friend. It’s a tiny, nondescript spot on Robertson. A section which is like a ghost town the times I’ve been there. Not anywhere near the Ivy thank god.

The picture you see above is what my friend ordered.

This is what I ordered.

One little spicy tuna roll. It was great. Lots of smelt eggs. I had them add asparagus.

I just can’t stomach the idea of filling my stomach with raw fish. Baffled by those that can. I don’t even eat shellfish. I find it comical that it’s even considered edible. It took me forever to be able to venture to my first sushi restaurant. In Washington, we at least smoked our salmon! (didn’t like that either)

In LA, there are many types of sushi restaurants ranging from the ridiculously expensive Urasawa that features blowfish or your low price, all-you-can-eat sushi. I’m frightened of the latter. But you can’t discredit a sushi joint because it’s in a strip mall! Those can be the best! This is one of those very simple, cafe-style, grab-n-go sushi spots. Great prices, great sushi. No music, no koi.

However, like with many food genres, I’m no expert. I’m as prepared to review a sushi restaurant as I am a crab shack or an oyster bar. Wow. Stomach just turned. I’ll be back shortly…

141 S. Robertson BLVD
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 659-1092