I mean, I guess that’s what it’s called. As I didn’t love it, and can’t seem to find an appropriate picture online to snatch, I will make this what I call a “Review Spurt”.

I actually forgot that I went here for Cinco de Mayo last week. Not, perhaps, the beginning of a glowing review.

I met a friend out who I had been dogsitting for and she was with some ladies I know (several of which I went to Italy with a few years ago) This restaurant replaced the old Benvenuto Cafe which I remember always served their pasta dishes in big bowls.

It’s now been painted bright colors. Mostly bright pink. I just read a blurb online that it’s supposed to be 1950’s Mexico. Cute idea. However, read on.

I had one beer. Pacifico. Write that down.

I had one bite of a taco. However, as this bite pretty much finished the petite taco, I would say it more belonged on Barbie’s kitchen table. It was quite tasty however. It was a steak taco. Keep writing.

The menu was brief and expensive and portions were miniscule. I’m not a fan of the small plates craze that has taken over LA the past few years, at least not when the prices do not match.

You know what though? I actually might go back, the food was so tasty. I’ve kind of mellowed since the beginning of this post.

There. Done.

8512 Santa Monica BLVD
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 289-0088