I need to stop stealing pictures online...

I need to stop stealing pictures online...

We went to The Golden State last Thursday. Some of our party knew one of the the owners, Jason Bernstein, and were excited to check it out. It’s located on Fairfax, right across the street from Canters. It took the place of this crazy pizza joint that had a space age theme. We had gone there before, ordered the sangrias and then an accompanying bottle of wine to spike said sangrias.

The Golden State is a very casual spot, but can get very busy according to Jason. Every table but one was filled and Jason mentioned it was a slower night.

We ordered some beers (they specialize in California brews) I had an IPA which was terrific. Extra hoppy, which I love. I’m not an expert in beers. Perhaps it was less hoppy. Perhaps it was hops free? Who cares.

We ordered a multitude of things on the brief but specific menu. They have a lamb burger on Thursdays which I tasted. Why didn’t I order this?? It was perhaps the juiciest burger that exists in this day and age. The fries were great, you get more than the usual 8 that seem to be the norm at many upscale burger joints in LA. The potato salad was complex and nice. My friend had to endure me contantly jabbing my fork across the table to steal bites. The japanese cold slaw was light and nice. The persian cucumber salad was a really nice quiet accompaniment to the bold sandwich I ordered.

Did I mention how “nice” anything was yet?? I apologize if my food vocabulary is limited. If I use the words “awesome” and “amazing” to describe half the things I eat, please bear with me. And by “bear with me, I mean, “Deal with it!”

The sandwich was called the Muffuletta (salami, provolone, spread, on very nice bread) which was tasty, but I coveted my friends lamb burger the entire night. I might still hold residual jealousy. I consoled myself with the plethora of mustards at my disposal.

They carried a soda made from spices and herbs which we all tasted and loved. Jason brought us out a few fun, crazy beers to try alongside our food. It was SO fun! I need to go back. If only to take my own photo.

426 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 782-8331