Now, I’ve been to the Baby Blues location in Venice and LOVED it. It was, at the time, the best BBQ I had ever had. From the brisket to the mac and cheese to the beans and the cornbread.

However, I come from the Pacific Northwest, more known for our work with the salmon, not the cow or pig.

Nevertheless, expectations were high when I walked into the new location with a few friends last Friday night. I was feeling good. I had already consumed a freshly squeezed greyhound at a friend’s house.

Which is why the hour wait the waitress informed us about did not damper my spirits. I, instead, drank more spirits. We had another round of greyhounds at the bar. Lisa Ling was at the bar (ex-The View co-host and journalist – sister is being held in a North Korean prison) and complained about a draft blowing directly on her. I had to think this draft paled in comparison to those found in prison cells.

One more round of greyhounds. I was having a great time.

We were finally seated, ordered, and the food came pretty prompty. I ordered the baby back ribs and corn on the corb (with the obligatory cornbread) I also may have ordered a beer.

The ribs were incredible. Fall of the bone meat, the skin was perfectly cripsy. I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to cleaning the bone. I don’t enjoy gristle or tendons. I’m sure I left a complete meal for someone.

The corn was just ok. A bit dried out and was covered in a powdered cheese of some sort.

The cornbread and mac and cheese (which someone else in my party ordered, but I devoured most of) were as delicious as I remember. There is a spice in the mac and cheese that must be imported from the devil himself.

I’m excited to be within walking distance of this fun and tasty joint. As well as a bit nervous about how often I will frequent it.

7953 Santa Monica BLVD
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 656-1277