I moved to Los Angeles in 2000 and haven’t stopped eating since.

Since moving from the land of Olive Garden, Red Lobster and a multitude of fast food chains, I’ve become obsessed with the wide variety of dining establishments in Los Angeles. All of them. From the nicest restaurant in town to a .99 cent menu! I do not discriminate. I do not judge. I eat.

I spend my days perusing restaurant websites (at work, of course). I print out and study online menus. I ask anyone who will listen if they’ve been somewhere and if they have, what did they order??

This matters to me. I clearly know what is important in life.

Now, I can see how it would appear I might weigh 900+ pounds from this introduction. And that I might fear apartment fires as clearly no one would be able to roll me out in time! I actually eat pretty healthfully throughout the week. Healthily. Healthy. Whatever. I work out a shit load in hopes to combat my consumption. I’m not giving up my food. I would much rather enable my joints useless later in life.

So, what follows are my food travels. As I do go to a restaurant about 4 times a week, and at least one new one a week, I thought I may as well document this and not only punish my friends via email with weekly rants, but anyone who will listen.